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    .mov files


      Hi All,


      How do i go about importing .mov files I have downloaded quick time player and I am not sure how to proceed.




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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Well, now ... a little info might be helpful? Such as ... which version of PrPro are you using ... and DO NOT just say "newest" ... please check the "About" dialog to get the specific number ... the newest is 8.2.


          Are you on Mac or Pc? Have you started up PrPro, gone to the "Media Browser" panel in the lower left of the "default" layout, navigated to your footage and selected it and then right-click and choose "import" ... then go to your Project Panel and either double-click a clip to put it up in the source panel or dragged it over onto the timeline panel to create a new sequence telling PrPro to change settings to match footage?