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    How to work with iMac and external monitor with PS

    MrhoniKeith Level 1

      I just added an NEC monitor to my iMac and I want to use that monitor for Photoshop and Lightroom.  Its a bit frustrating using this setup and I wonder if there is some trick or setting I don't know of.


      IMac is set as the main monitor and the NEC is setup as arranged to the right. 

      - I open Photoshop and drag the window over to the NEC.  When I do certain tasks in PS, where PS wants to open a small window, the window appears on the iMac and then I have to realize this and then drag that over to the NEC screen.  I would want all windows that open in PS to open on the NEC side, not the iMac side

      - I find it very difficult to follow the cursor.  Sometimes I move it and I can't see that it moved over the iMac, then other times its on the NEC side and I can't find it.  Very frustrating.


      Anything else that you got frustrated with and figured out how to make it easier?