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    Index section header format


      Hello - I have a client that requests the index section headers in their document to be in the format <A>, <B> etc., rather than just plain A, B... - how do I do that?

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          vinny38 Level 4


          I can't figure out how you could do that automatically... Maybe someone else could...


          All I can suggest would be a text replacement, using GREP :

          search (?<!<)[\l\u](?!>) with index section headers paragraph style, and replace by <$0>. (Assuming your index section are just letters, otherwise, adjust your GREP query)


          But, this is definitely not a perfect solution, since you'll have to think about doing it after each index update...


          I would be also interested about an automatic solution...

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            Nibus Level 1

            Hi Vinny - that's brilliant, works perfectly - thank you. I had started to look at it this way but my grep skills aren't great :/ Will leave this open for a bit in case anyone knows how to automate it.