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    Bought PS five days ago, all I got was a free trial account.


      I've spent many, many, many frustrating hours trying to get Photoshop from creative.adobe.com.


      I went to https://creative.adobe.com/nb/plans

      Chose Photography and "annual", went through payment, got a message saying something like "You will receive the product the next working day" or "your purchase will be processed the next working day" or something along those lines.

      That was on monday, five days ago.

      I haven't received any licence, not by e-mail or otherwise.

      I have checked my gmail's spam folder.

      I've search the forums and on google.

      I tried to chat with customer support, but I never got any response.


      I'm using the latest version of Chrome on a Windows machine.


      When I log on to my account I see "Free Creative Cloud Membership".

      There are no orders on the order page, i.e. on https://www.adobe.com/no/account/account-orders.html.


      Perhaps the payment was rejected, perhaps it takes longer than usual to process my order, perhaps creative.adobe.com is broken.

      I have no idea as long as I do not get any information from Adobe.


      Adobe, if you are reading this: Please explain what's going on.