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    Master Detail List

    Kristian Grønli
      Using fds and I have a typical master detail class in java.
      public class test implements Serializable {
      private String aValue;
      private List<myObject> myList;

      public String getaValue() { returns aValue; }
      public String setaValue(String value) { aValue = value; }
      public List<myObject> getMyList() { returns myList; }
      public void setMyList(List<myObject> li) { myList = li; }

      I have an ActionScript class:
      [RemoteClass (alias="entitys.test")]
      public class test {
      private aValue:String;
      private myList:Array;

      Listing objects, at least the variable "aValue" works. But "myList" is allways empty.

      I have a
      public var testList:ArrayCollection;

      and when I fill this arrayCollection with objects, I see from my log that all the java test objects have at least one myObject in myList.

      Any idea whow I can fix this?