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    ModuleLoader and PopUpManager Issue?

    ClownBootz Level 1
      I have a main application that first loads a login module which consists of a form with a couple of textinputs and button inside of a panel

      once the user's credentials have been verified I unload the moduleloader, remove it from the display and then, dynamically add my application framework

      i load a compoent into a viewstack ... one of the options on my screen opens up a window (i have a component that extends TitleWindow) .... when i try to use the PopupManager to load the compoent i get a null exception ....

      if i don't load the login module first and just dynamically generate my application framework everything works fine

      if you look at the implementation of the createPopup method it uses a variable called impl that is a singlton instance of IPopUpManager ... for some reason when a module first into the applicaiton the popupmanager can no longer create popups ... impl is null

      the way that i have gotten around this is by intializing the popupmanager in my main application
      var w:PopUpManager = new PopUpManager();

      this would cause the PopUpManager to initalize itself (i.e. create its instance of IPopUpManager) ... this tells me that loading a module into a module loader for some reason causes the PopUpManager to incorrectly intialize itself ...

      Any thoughts on this odd problem and odd solution?????

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          I have no idea what causes this but I have the same problem. Loading one module into a moduleloader works fine, but if I replace that module with a different one then the new one only half-works. Sometimes it doesn't see the functions that are in the new module, and it always gives a null reference to the popupmanager's Addpopup method.