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    Is there a difference in generatePDFOutput between Livecycle ES2 (9) and Livecyle ES (8)


      I know that we are way behind in terms of Livecycle ES versions, but we have recently installed Livecycle ES2 (9.0) on a set of new Websphere 7 servers. All seems to be progressing will in terms of systems integrating with the new servers, but we have run into an issue with the way PDF documents are rendered in Livecycle ES2 (9.0)/WAS 7 versus Livecycle ES (8.0) / WAS 6.


      We have a few XDP templates that have Rich Text Fields with a Data Format of XHTML that are not rendering the same when using PX measurement.



      EXAMPLE: <p style="left-margin: 15px;">

      Using the API generatePDFOutput under Livecycle ES (8.0) the text is indent and all displays well in the rendered PDF. But, in Livecycle ES2 (9.0) there is no indention and the text is aligned to the left margin of the field.


      Here is the data that is used:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



        <body xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">

        <p>This is a <i>Rich Text Field.</i></p>

        <p>It is filled using <b><i>XHTML</i></b> data.</p>


        <p>The following should be 3 indented bullets. The first is indented 15<b><i>px</i></b> and the other two are indented 30<b><i>px</i></b>:</p>


        <p style="margin-left: 15px;">&#8226;&#160;&#160;&#160;Bullet 1</p>

        <p style="margin-left: 30px;">&#186;&#160;&#160;&#160;Sub-Bullet 1</p>

        <p style="margin-left: 30px;">&#186;&#160;&#160;&#160;Sub-Bullet 2</p>





      As you can see there is no HTML table code in the prefill. I know that that is not allowed.


      Here is an image of the results on the old Livecycle ES (8.0)



      Here is an image of the results on the new Livecycle ES2 (9.0)



      Has anyone else run into this issue? I am not an expert when it comes to the administrative side of Livecycle ES, but is there a configuration, or setting, issue that we may be missing in the Livecycle or Websphere consoles? Is there some form of tranformation of the html code on the older server that is not active on the new one? Is there a difference in the HTML code that was valid on Livecycle ES (8.0) versus Livecycle ES2 (9.0)?


      Any insight would be grately appreciated.