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    Why has my Adobe Encoder Stopped Working?


      I've never had this problem before.  I was getting a video ready to upload to YouTube, and when I exported the media as usual, the Encoder opened up as a blank page.  Also, before I exported I saw a message which read:  "Offline."  I've never been offline before and don't even know how to work offline or even what that means, so I ignored it.


      Also, I stumbled across another message (I don't even know how) which said "Adobe Encoder Not Available."  How is that possible?  Why would something I've been using forever suddenly not be available?!  I've been up all night and I'm tired and disappointed, as my video should have been live on Youtube HOURS ago.


      I've been up all night, so I forgot something important.  Initially, the Encoder was working.  After about three hours, when it should have been finished, I checked on it, and the Encoder screen was red - always a bad sign something terrible has gone wrong, and it had.


      So I went back to premiere and noticed that two clips which had been rendered had the red bar over them and a red logo in a foreign language.


      Anyway, I was able to salvage most of it by deleting the two clips and doing them over, THEN when I exported media again, that's when the problem began and it wouldn't work.


      I would appreciate any help I can get.  Thanks.

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          First off, please report the exact version of both Premiere Pro and AME--as shown in each app's About box, not simply "CC" or "the latest." Also, please fill in the normal blanks about your computer (Mac/Win, OS version, etc.) and about the sequence & assets in use, including where the clips are stored (internal drive, external drive, network, ...)


          If you haven't already rebooted your computer, that's the first thing to do -- in case one of the several processes involved has gotten hung.


          Other things to try:

          • on the General tab of AME's Preferences dialog, disable the option entitled Import Sequences Natively. Then export from Premiere.
          • encode "in-process" rather than using AME. To do this, in the Export Settings Dialog, click Export instead of Queue.
          • rather than exporting by going File>Export>Media, drag the sequence from Premiere's Project panel to AME's Queue (or to a preset in the Preset Browser)
          • If the Renderer (bottom right corner of AME's Queue) is set to GPU Acceleration, switch it to Software Only


          If you can find your way back to the "Adobe Encoder not available" message, please take a screenshot and post it here. I'm not familiar with that message.

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            incapsee Level 1

            Thank you so much for all the info.  I did reboot my computer last night but it didn't help.  I have an HP PC, 4GIGS RAM, but I don't have 7200 RPM hard drive.  Nevertheless, in 2 yrs that has never caused a problem.


            I'm not feeling very well today; as a matter of fact, I'm just now getting out of bed.  That is why I decided to first try exporting instead of queuing the video and the remaining time is about 3 hours.


            If it doesn't complete properly I will try all ur other suggestions.  And since I am exporting instead of queuing I can't use my computer until it's done.  Afterwards I will go online and give u five stars.  Thanks again.


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