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    Best Step by Step Guide for a Beginner Trying to Typeset a Book?


      Hello all,


      So I've been asked to typeset a good few volumes on InDesign.  My experience with Indesign is very limited, I'm currently running CS 5.5, and have only done basic work for personal PDF's etc. But now I've been asked to do a few volumes to begin in a few weeks time. I really haven't got any of the basics down, so I'd like to learn all fundamental best practices from now since I will be taking this seriously and would much rather take a whole month or two or three or more learning solid fundamentals than start a project and have never ending regrets. So I need to learn the fundamentals for book typesetting, these books will have virtually no graphics, just text, but they could run into ten odd volumes. I can imagine wanting to create an index for each volume too, and one whole index for the entire ten odd volumes as well which may go in the last volume.


      I'm looking forward to this and have always wanted to learn InDesign properly and am happy that the opportunity has presented itself for me to do so.


      So what do you guys recommend? What should I learn first and then move on to? I'm willing to buy books if you think that there is a book which will cover everything I need. I think videos would be good to. Best blogs, websites? I ask here in the hope that you professionals can help me avoid a whole load of pitfalls by starting out right.


      Many thanks.