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      Hi Team


      When am export the PDF from the ID, ID gets not responding. We will generate the PDF through our inhouse tool. We have a issue in the some of the files(even that files contain more pages, Illustration and footnotes) am using ID CS5.5 version 7.5.3. while generate the PDF from inhouse tool going to check some of below points:

      List unapproved font

      Validate the XML against the DTD

      Checking for Textframe sequence

      Checking for 'z-blank and none' master page

      Checking for specified font in onlyforpdf tag

      Checking for shift enter without space

      Checking COMP note

      Checking for donotprintswatch

      Checking for missing_id character style

      Checking for link status

      Checking for table and figure wrap

      Checking for graphic has corresponding id in XML

      Checking for graphic frame bounds

      Checking the Preset for print

      Preflight the document

      Validate the marginal elements position check

      Validate the footnote and cross-reference count, footnote and cross-reference label check


      Please advise