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    Repeated Frames at the end of clips

    Repeated Video frames

      I have a MacBook Pro with the adobe premiere pro cc 14, but I noticed this problem is CS6 also. The problem is this: Say I have two clips in the timeline that are connected (Clip A, Clip B).

      If I alter Clip B in anyway (change scale or position, or simply remove it from the timeline) the first frame of Clip B will remain at the end of Clip A. So, when I execute the playback function I can see a quick flash of Clip B at the end of Clip A.


      Here's what I've tried:

      I tried rendering the files--didn't work.

      I tried simply trimming the repeated frame off--didn't work.


      Here's what did work.

      There's a straight line that goes through every clip, I don't know what its called but I think it has something to do with the speed, I would drag that from say 100 to 96.55. The video would have the red render bar above it, and the repeated frame would disappear.


      HOWEVER, in my current project  I have serval repeated frames in a blank space where there are video clips, so the previous method can not work.


      What the heck!?!?!