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    Is there any way to do this...?

    Sebastian676 Level 1

      Hi, i want to use an option...i don't know how it's called in english, but in spanish it's ''Recopilar Archivos..'' and it function it's to take all the material, videos, audio, etc and put them in a single folder in order. (it's an option on the File option, almost in the end.

      My question is, with this option, i want to use it for a project that i have, is there any way to see how much disk space it will take to save everything? since i want to join everything in a single file, and i'm talking about a big project (4K video at 60fps, and with 27 minutes of duration) i really need to know if everything will fit properly on the disk (i got 2,37Terabyte free)...

      Or is there also an option to save disk space by maybe automatically also delete the files that won't be of much use or something, apart of the first question?


      Edit: i already found the option, i choose to generate the .txt and it says how much disk space it will need, but still, does it have an option to compress files or something?


      Please reply me as soon as you can, i really need to know if there's that option!


      Thanks in regards.