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    load an external movie

    StevenRAN Level 1
      I am not sure if I titled this question right but here goes the question.

      I have a slide show of 15 image. All the images preload and play. when the slideshow reaches the last frame I start another swf slide show with the actionscript below.

      I also have next and back buttons on my slideshow. When they are being used the slideshow moves 1 image at a time using the buttons. So if I am at the end of the first swf slideshow STOPED, and hit next I need it to load the next swf and stop at a perticular framelabel (gotoANDstop "position1").

      How do I load an external movie and have it gotoandstop at a certain framelable I think is what I am asking.

      //load Movie Behavior
      if(this == Number(this)){
      loadMovieNum(" http://www.rebeccabarger.com/portfolios/portfoliowdb.swf",this);
      } else {
      this.loadMovie(" http://www.rebeccabarger.com/portfolios/portfoliowdb.swf");
      //End Behavior