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    Incompatible display driver. Premiere Elements 11

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      Today when trying to open a project a message came up saying that an incompatible display driver had been detected: Intel(R) HD Graphic Family 3.0.0 Build I've checked and the driver is up to date however the project will not now open. My computer is an Asus lap top running Windows 7 64 bit, Intel core i7 with 6GB RAM. Graphics GEFORCE GT 635M 2GB


      The programme was working fine yesterday although it was taking almost an hour for the project to open up. It is a big project with nearly 800 HD clips but had been opening up reasonably quickly until a few days ago. Any help would be much appreciated. I had this problem once before about three years ago with Elements 9 on my PC and had to uninstall a bad driver file but can't remember how I did that.



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          The path to the BadDrivers.txt file is not the same as that for Premiere Elements 12/12.1.


          The specific path to the Premiere Elements 11 Windows 64 bit BadDrivers.txt file is


          With the program closed...


          Local Disk C

          Program Data


          Premiere Elements


          and in the 11.0 Folder is the BadDrivers.txt file that you delete.


          When you open Premiere Elements 11 project, the program will generate a new BadDrivers.txt file, but now the problem should be gone.


          Please check Device Manager/Display Adapters/ to confirm that you have only that one NVIDIA card.


          Also, what is the format of your Timeline content? If you change that video format or place just jpg photos on the Timeline, do you still

          get the Display Card Error Message?


          We will be watching for your follow up results.


          Thank you.



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            BriRonS Level 1

            Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately I still haven't been able to resolve the problem. I checked for a second driver and found a new driver for the NVIDEA Ge Force which I installed last night, so both drivers on the display are now up to date. I then looked for the BadDrivers.txt file but cannot find it. I went to local disk C, Program data, Adobe, then Premiere Elements but cannot locate the 11.0 folder. I tried to open the project again but the incompatible driver message was still there and the project tried, but failed to open. The clips in the project are  AVCHD (.MTS) from a Panasonic X920 camcorder and there are also some JPEG's. It is a big project with around 750 clips and a 20 minute edited running time but it was working fine on Thursday.  Anyway at the moment I'm stuck but am going to have another go and will report back. As a last resort do you know if upgrading to version 13 would fix the problem? By the way, has anyone ever been able to establish what causes the program to think there is an incompatible display drive?

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              Let us target the BadDrivers.txt file deletion first. There is probably more to this than that, but this needs to be ruled in or out.


              You should be seeing the following if your Premiere Elements 11 is running on Windows 64 bit



              If you are not, your computer is probably set with Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives disabled in Folder Options.

              Click on the Start button. In the Search field above the Start button, type in Folders Options. You should then see the text

              for Folder Options at the top of the left column of the page. Click on Folder Options text to open to the Folder Option dialog.

              In the Folder Options dialog, click on the View Tab, and scroll down the list under View Tab until you reach the Show Hidden

              Files, Folders, and Drives option which you enable.


              What are the pixel dimensions of the jpgs in your project?


              Any chances for any Windows Updates that could have modified your video cards/graphics cards?


              More later.


              Thanks for the follow up.



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                The rationale behind the deletion of the Premiere Elements BadDrivers.txt file can be found in post 10 of the following older thread where this whole matter surfaced full force. The situation affects other versions besides 9.

                Premiere Elements 9 Tryout Serious Display Problem


                BadDriver.txt file deletion has proven a life saver for users of many versions in the situation where they are told that they have the latest video card/graphics card driver version and still get that display card error in Premiere Elements.



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                  Many many thanks! That's the problem solved. The files were indeed hidden and once I had changed the setting I was able to access the 11.0 folder and delete the BadDriver.txt file. I have now successfully opened up my project which came up in a fraction of the time it had been taking during the last few days so I think it is possible that recent Microsoft updates might have modified something and caused the problem. Anyway, hopefully all will now be well and I can get my project finished. Thank you once again for such a prompt and effective response to my enquiry.



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                    The deletion of the BadDrivers.txt file has proven again to be a life saver when it comes to that Premiere Elements display card error

                    issue when there is no more that you can do with driver version update.


                    Great news. Great job of follow through.


                    Your follow up is appreciated by all.


                    Best wishes