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    Drag and Drop problems

    phil ashby Level 1
      Hi guys and gals,

      I've built an app that allows the users to add objects onto a page - images, textareas, video etc. These objects have a name and they are then listed out in a listbox. The user can select the name from the listbox and choose to move that object. This is done by attaching an onpress startDrag and onrelease stopDrag function to each object (movieclip) when they want to move it These functions are then deleted when they have finished the move. It works fine, except when moving a textarea OVER another textarea.

      As you click and drag the first textarea over the second the "draghand" cursor turns into the I bar ready for text input. This seems to override the current "mode" (for want of a better word) and the onrelease function doesn't work. However, it only does this when the depth of textarea 1 is less than textarea 2.

      Is there anyway I can get round this without going through each object on the page, determing if it's a textarea and disabling it, only to have t reenable it when the move is done? I also don't want to temporaily swap the depth of the moving textarea to be higher than anything else, as the user may want it to be behind something else on the page.

      Any ideas?