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    Parallax in AN files from CC to new CC 2014 NOT working

    btaartdirector Level 1

      I am still new to this and have been using the CC version of Animate until recently. I have a project that I started months ago, and am finally getting back to that I opened in the updated CC2014. Now all of my time-based scrolling (vertical Parallax) is NOT working. I have included screen grabs of the CC and the CC2014 pages. The CC2014 page has all of the elements showing and the dtage area is ignored. There is no vertical action either. I have also packaged the two files and placed them in a drop box for comparison. What do I need to do to get this working again? Thanks.


      Dropbox - CC-CC2014-Projects-G_Shaffer.zip



      ABOVE IMAGE - CC version - elements not showing outside of stage, as they are not suppose to be visible until they come onto the stage as the user scrolls vertically. This version works as I intended.



      IMAGE ABOVE from CC 2014 version -- everything is a mess!!


      Help Please.