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    How to have projectname_edge.js in a subfolder? (not in the same folder as the project file)



      Is it possible to have the file projectname_edge.js in a subfolder? Not in the same folder with projectname.html.

      It seems that edge.5.0.1.min.js looks for dependencies only in the same place as the main file of the project. Moving projectname_edge.js to other folder (js, script, etc) causes the animation not to run. Can I store it in different folder? I would like to put it into "Content" or "Scripts" folder on the server.

      I am trying to integrate edge animation into ASP.NET MVC application, and I do not have any index.html file. I am inserting the <!--Adobe Edge Runtime--> section into the view  (the .cshtml file stored in subfolder). Having the projectname_edge.js in the main server path require to deal with security settings, so I would like to put it in 'Scripts'.

      I found the video showing the solution for the older API: http://www.edgedocks.com/content/edge-animate-publish-files-and-js-folder but it is no longer valid with Edge 5.0 API

      Any ideas how to achieve this?

      Thank you in advance!