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    How do I archive a PS CC2014 video project?

    dan sb

      I have 2 very short video clips from the same large video file and I want to save ONLY the video data represented by the clips. Storage may be cheap but this is too much. One clip is a Smart Object and I archived that clip by Layers > Smart Objects > Export Contents and then Replace Contents to replace the large video clip with the small psb file. Now, how do I do a similar process with the non-SO clip? I'm sure this is easy but I don't see it.I know I could convert this clip to a Smart Object but I learning and want to find the proper methods. Thanks. Any tutorials exist for this level of detail?


      Well, the Smart Object technique actually did not work as I still need the original large clip. So, the question becomes, is there any way to reduce the size of a source clip for archival purposes?