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    PPro CC 2014.2 on OSX 10.9.5 - Crashing

    bsbeamer Level 2

      Is anyone else with the latest PPro CC 2014.2 update on OSX 10.9.5 and experiencing a significant amount of crashing?  I only updated in hopes it would resolve some of the other issues that were bugging me from the previous release.


      Some of the problems include:

      - Random video freezes while playing a timeline.

      - Random issues with the space bar not playing the timeline, or clicking the Program Monitor's play button.  One instance had the video freeze and no way of stopping audio playback.

      - Non-responsive Program Monitor, regardless of resolution.

      - Issues quitting PPro itself with a long hang and "Application Not Responding" after several minutes that require a Force Quit in order to fully close.  This likely is tied into the crashing aspect as I have not had this problem when opening the program, doing a minimal amount of work, and then quitting.


      This appears to be GPU related and shows some of the symptoms of a memory leak, similar to how AE CC2014 was responding during audio scrubbing previously.  Immediately after restarting, PPro is fine.  After several minutes of usage, that's when issues occur.


      Having PPro open with AE and/or PS at the same time makes the frequency increase quite a bit, but I cannot 100% replicate the issue every single time.  I've forced render timelines so (theoretically) there should be no real taxing effort on the GPU, but even when the entire timeline is "GREEN" the issues are not going away.


      Eliminating all effects, filters, etc is not a viable option or solution.  I am working on finishing a timeline and that involves using effects.  All effects have been updated and are the latest versions available.


      These issues happen both after quit and after a hard restart (full shut down and power on).  System is a MacPro "Mid-2012" with GTX 680 (official version) running OSX 10.9.5.  Have switched the NVIDIA driver from the NVIDIA version to the OSX version (via the NVIDIA Driver Manager Preferences) and the same problems persist regardless of the driver choice.


      I've been holding off on the 10.10.X update, but at this point may have to give that a shot when I finish this current project.

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          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

          The title refers to crashing, but from the body of the post I gather that what you're experiencing are performance issues that sometimes lead to an indefinite hang.

          I'm not merely splitting hairs here. Distinguishing a hang from a true crash is critical for a number of reasons, one of which is the type of data that we can collect to guide the investigation. With a crash, we can usually harvest a crash log (at least on Mac; Windows is less useful in this regard). With a hang, on Mac we can collect a sample of what the process is doing: In Activity Monitor, select the Adobe Premiere Pro process, click the "i" button in the upper left corner, and then click Sample. Upload the resulting file to Dropbox, YouSendit.com, or the like, and post a link here.  (Adobe doesn’t let you attach a file to forum posts due to legal and security issues.)


          Can you elaborate on what you mean by "This appears to be GPU related"? Does switching Renderer to Software Only resolve the problem?

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            bsbeamer Level 2

            I have submitted at least 4 crash reports when they have come up and resulted in the prompt to submit them.  I do not have hard copies of them accessible currently.  I know that two of them resulted in PPro being unable to save the current state of the project and at least the other two were "recoverable" after the prompt that an error was encountered and the project would be saved.  A bug report has also been submitted.


            This is extremely reminiscent of the AE CC2014 behavior that seemed to "build" to a GPU-related memory leak crash after scrubbing audio.  With that memory leak the system started to feel sluggish, performance dwindled, then the software would either crash or lockup - sometimes with a crash prompt, other times completely unrecoverable.  That's the same behavior that I'm experiencing with PPro CC 2014.2 currently.


            At this time I have not switched the render to software only, though that will be the next step.  A few effects/plugins are GPU accelerated and I really don't want to lose performance.  I also have not rebuilt the project, exported XMLs and re-imported, or any of the other typical workaround solutions.  I am just trying to get a project finished and meet a deadline - those methods more often than not require rebuilding a lot of the finishing parts of a project.

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              Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

              Thanks for clarifying and providing additional information. We'll investigate.

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                bsbeamer Level 2

                Changed this project to software only render, deleted all media cache files in the "common" folders as well as the system database files, deleted all render and preview files within the project, and then re-rendered the entire timeline... I am still experiencing sudden halts to video playback in the program monitor when playing back the timeline and working on sections.  The halts are not as sudden as they were with the GPU renderer enabled, or bringing up a crash report option.  I am able to save my project when this happens, quit PPro (sometimes have to force quit after several minutes) and then able to restart, but the frequency of this happening is alarming.  It's at least 4+ times per hour.  Reducing to 25% playback quality does nothing to reduce the frequency.  And again, this is on a fully rendered timeline with everything "green" throughout.

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                  GeorgeMonteiro Level 1

                  I assume someone answered your problem? If not I am having the same problem and wonder what if anything you were able to do to resolve it. Thank you.


                  George Monteiro

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                    bsbeamer Level 2

                    Nope.  No one has answered this problem.  I upgraded to 10.10.2 and the problem is slightly different and presents itself differently now.  Still believe this to be a memory leak related issue and the GPU style related crashes don't help either.  It's BETTER with 10.10.2, but it's not fixed.  Getting several out of memory errors as well.


                    Have reported EVERY crash I've encountered to Adobe, emailed them separately, posted on this forum, and no responses.  It's frustrating at best.