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    How to assign multiple TOC to correct text?

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      I am working in InDesign CC2014 on a Windows 7 PC. I have a document with three TOC styles - one for the Chapter contents, one for a list of figures (LOF), and one for a list of tables (LOT). In each, I have assigned different paragraph styles to use - header styles for the chapter, figure caption for the LOF, and table caption for the LOT. The text for each is in a unique text box not threaded to anything else.


      Using the Update Table of Contents option in the layout menu, the Chapter TOC works. The LOF is using the LOT. And the LOT is grayed out and won't update the contents at all. Each of these occurs with the cursor in the correct discrete text box.


      I can get each to work if I use Table of Contents, pick the one I want, flow the text into a new text box, and replace the existing text box with the new. The next time, I have to do the same thing because Update Table of Contents won't work in the new text boxes either.


      I'm hoping I'm just missing something simple. Any help would really be appreciated.