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    Create Hyperlinks that open in new tab or window?!

    batson3000 Level 1


      Ok, so, this has been asked other times for many versions of InDesign and most common response is to do it in Acrobat Pro. WHY?!!!! I couldn't even easily figure out how to do it there and frankly, don't want to. That seems so backwards and tedious to have to do...seriously. How is this not an option in InDesign Hyperlink edit creation/options yet?!! It is SO simple. Please tell me I'm missing something... I love Adobe products and especially CC products that are getting better and more time saving...but this is so dumb, I'm sorry. I'm no smarty software engineer but I know what user friendly is and how things should work for everyone...and it seems like an easy thing to make possible. Many people create PDF's in InDesign for viewing/downloading in a browser and this needs to be an option with-in InDesign CC. Simple as that. When the PDF is opened in Acrobat the links do open in new tab/window but NOT when it is viewed in a browser. This is why I should or maybe shouldn't work for Adobe, I wouldn't let little things like this, that actually makes a big difference in user experience, go unnoticed and unchanged over so many new releases and updates...or ever be taken away. I guess I'll put in an InDesign CC features request...


      Thanks to anyone who agrees and relays...or lets me know I'm missing something.