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    £3000 to spend on a new rig


      Hi all,


      Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give here.


      I'm two years out of uni working freelance in print, digital, web and video - primarily print and video. Quite often work on large print photoshop files (a3-a1) with upwards of 100 layers. Also getting more into video editing using premiere and after effects. Basically, my 2012 laptop can no longer cope.


      I've read a fair amount but nothing that has brought me to any large conclusions about the hardware I should buy. I'm spending £3000 total ($4700) and probably getting it from www.pcspecialist.co.uk. Have pretty much already chosen my monitor - going for one Benq Bl3200pt and possibly adding a second later in the year; probably going to stick with this (£460) unless someone can highlight something majorly wrong with it.


      Apart from that, I'm sort of in the dark as to what to do.


      Main points...


      - Xeon or i7?

      - Probably going for 64GB RAM

      - I tend to use mostly external drives and the cloud for long term storage, so a decent SSD for current working files is (I think, please someone correct me if I'm wrong) all I need in terms of storage

      - I have no clue on GPUs


      If anyone could suggest some suitable builds and explain to me a bit about what choices have been made I'd be very grateful.