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    Managing Metadata in Digital Libraries within Lightroom for Upload to WordPress

    Don Astras

      I have been researching SEO tips for my clients to build their image libraries and fill in all of the pertinent meta data. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a workable solution to categorize the images and retain the metadata after uploading to WordPress.

      Specifically, I need to know how to add file properties (in a program for a PC or Mac) to your image libraries before you upload them. It appears that Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge and Microsoft PhotoGallery do not retain the alt text and captions after importing into WordPress. Also, there is no access to an 'Alt Text' field in Lightroom. I entered it in PhotoGallery. I also added Lightroom Plug-ins from Rob Cole:

      rc Metadata Extensions

      rc Custom Metadata


      However, I have not been successful in customizing them.

      Upon further research, I have found another way, but it requires paying for a subscription based service (Uploading Photos to WordPress with a Lightroom Publish Service):




      Another tidbit was the workflow by Scot Kelby, which discusses entering the metadata before uploading to UPI wire service (requires Photo Mechanic software):



      So, I am still searching for the complete solution. Technically speaking, it sounds like it is an issue with WordPress to read the data in the image and map it to the alt text and caption fields. The WordPress plugin appears to allow the creation of new fields in the MySQL database and create a function to route the metadata. I am surprised that this had not been resolved by professional archivers.


      This is a task I have left to my client and I am in the process of building a cheat sheet for SEO labeling of images, which is also helpful in placing them in documents and presentations. Advice and best practices would be welcome.

      Thank you.