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    AME 2014 Export Error. Sequences not updating from Premiere.

    Dave Bode Level 1

      It seems that queuing sequences from Premiere Pro to AME via Ctrl+M is forever broken as that causes Premiere to hang and crash on the "Export Media" dialog box. This has been broken for several months. I have talked to developers with no resolution to this. Because of this, I now can only export projects by dragging sequences over to AME from Premiere. This has worked fine until a few days ago.


      What happens now is that AME gets part way through encoding a video and then hangs and fails encoding. I get the super helpful

      12/19/2014 03:25:14 PM : Encoding Failed


      Export Error

      Error compiling movie.



      Unknown error.


      I have created new sequences with the same media, removed 3rd party audio plugins, moved all the footage over to a different drive, tried to encoded to a different format like AVI, and I have tried setting the encode to save on several drives. It always fails at the same point. It seems hang and fail on clips that I created in AE, which are rendered using PhotoJPEG .MOV. I tried rendering the clip where AME fails using a different AVI container, but it ended up failing in the same spot.


      The strangest thing is that when I disable the clips in Premiere and dragged tried rendering, it hangs on the same clip as if it wasn't disabled! I have also deleted the clips from the timeline and they still show up in the preview window in AME and it hangs on them and then fails!


      Here are my system specs:

      Premiere Pro CC (up to date)

      Win 7 64bit (up to date)

      i7 970

      24GB Ram

      NVIDIA 470GTX (driver up to date)

      3 x 1.5TB internal

      4TB internal

      3TB internal

      12TB RAID 5 via USB 3.0

      USB 2.0 and 3.0 drives

      FireWire audio device (M-AUDIO FireWire1814)... although, I am not using it for playback. It is connected.

      Footage is from C100 H.264 .MTS, PhotoJPEG .MOV from AE, JPG Stills, simple titles made in Premiere Pro, color mattes, and .WAV audio clips

      All stock video effects and transitions.



      Thanks for your help.


      Mark Mapes

      Adobe Media Encoder (AME)

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          Dave Bode Level 1

          Here is another puzzling issue with this project... I just tried to export several sequences by dragging the sequenced from Premiere to AME. None of these seqs had any renders from AE, just b-roll shot with the same camera on a second video layer. All of these seqs encoded the base V1 track. It didn't encode any of the b-roll or JPG still on the second V2 track.


          It is like AME is encoding the seqs as they were before I added the b-roll footage.

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            Dave Bode Level 1

            I tried a re-install of PP and AME, moving all assets to another machine and encoding, enabling and disabling "Import sees natively" in AME, enabling and disabling Mercury in PP and AME, and I got the same result. AME fails encoding with a "error compiling movie" error. Same result when I tried to export from PP.


            The only thing that worked was re-rendering all the clips that I created in AE using a different codec (was MOV PhotoJPEG and I re-rendered to Lagarith AVI). This seemed to work. When it would fail in AME it would hang on a frame for several minutes before giving me the sheep sound. The original MOV PhotoJPEG clips from PP played fine in the sequences and in media players. No drama, no glitches.


            Not sure why AME wan't updating the sequences from PP. The fix for that was launching AME with Shift held down to clear preferences. Also I made sure I saved in PP before I dragged over to AME for encoding.


            Hopefully this will help someone else along their journey. Thanks for looking!

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              Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

              Thanks for reporting the solution. This gives us a good foundation from which to launch an investigation.

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                This sounds similar to an issue I'm having.  Any export from Premiere to AME works fine the first time (upon a fresh launch of AME triggered by the export from Premiere)... but with AME then open, any change made to the Premiere sequence is ignored by any subsequent export to AME. Exports of the changed sequence result in a file with the original version of the Premiere sequence... before any changes were made.


                The problem is only solved by quitting AME and exporting from Premiere again such that it triggers a fresh launch of AME.


                Running Adobe CC on a Retina 5k imac, Yosemite 10.10.1