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    Hard Drive Setup Recommedation - Premiere Pro CC 2014

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      Premiere CC on my old Win 7 64bit hard drive had smooth video previews. Premiere CC 2014 on my new Win 8.1 64bit hard drive is choppy and sluggish. Same ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 car which uses WDDM v1.1 as the driver. No other driver available.)


      Would love some expert advice how to setup my new configuration to be optimized for Premiere Pro CC 2014, get rid of choppy video.


      Video is not a huge part of our small 2 person business so

      1. I can't justify a large volume expensive SSD

      2. can't justify another 2+ days to reload Windows 8.1 and all my programs on the small SSD I have (might not even fit.)


      Should I leave programs and OS only on the new WD hard drive... put Premiere project and other data files on the old TOS hard drive and use something like the SDD via eSata as the scratch disk?


      Dell Studio 1747 Laptop - 8GB RAM

      1. NEW - INTERNAL WD7500BPKX new hard drive with Windows 8.1 - (Program files only) 7200 RPM, 750GB, 16 MB Buffer, 6GB/s

      2. OLD - INTERNAL TOSHIBA MK 5056GSY old hard drive w/ Windows 7 (can be wiped and only have data files) 7200 RPM, 500GB, 16 MB Buffer, 3GB/s

      3. SPARE - EXTERNAL Lacie d2Next - (partitioned, can be wiped) 5400 RPM, 500GB, 3GB/s eSata

      4. SPARE/DONATED - EXTERNAL (eSata, Firewire, USB) OCZ-Agility3 SSD (can be wiped) ~100GB


      Thanks. These configurations are an art that we can't specialize in due to our staff size, workload and budget.