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    Flash Navigation Problem


      I'm having trouble getting the round circle (with numbers in them) buttons to navigate correctly. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough to make it an issue. The user might watch one of the chapters under "Reporting" and if the user clicks on one of the round buttons on the bottom, it switches to the correct chapter but under a different category (usually the "Navigation and Finding Product" category). Another issue I'm having is a user will sometimes click on a round navigation button and nothing will happen. An example of this is when the user goes to the chapter, "Tier Approval" and clicks on round button #3...

      I've attached the code below that is on each of the round buttons. It's probably not the most effective or cleanest way to do this... but this project was needed yesterday (as they usually are). I'm open to any suggestions or feedback! Thanks

      theNum refers to the frame in current scene that button should navigate to
      preNum refers to the scene that the button should navigate to (defined in the _root timeline) and will be a number 1 - 4 (each number corresponds with a category - each category has chapters underneath it)

      eg: moveToNum could be: 2three (a frame on the time line is actually named "2three")