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    Is this a bug or a flaw in my install?

    Derek Kemp Level 1

      I just finished a new computer build. Therefore, a new install of PS CC2014. OS is Windows 8.1.
      When I open Camera Raw, start processing a picture: If I try to use the "Adjustment Brush", regardless of the diameter I choose, the area that is "adjusted" is not under the selected area shown by the circles. It is about a full diameter away from the shown centre, at about a 45 degree angle down and to the right (like, about 4 o'clock).
      I also notice that the "Spot Removal" tool is doing a similar thing (selection off set). All other tools seem to be ok.
      If I reduce the size down far enough, at some point the circles turn into a double lined cross. At that point, the selected centre is correct,  but if I increase the size, as soon as the circles, denoting the selected area, become visible again, this anomaly occurs.
      I've never heard of this before and my previous installs of PS have all been ok.
      Has any one else encountered this? Is it me or a bug or my install?
      Thanks for any help on this.