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    Is there a limit to the # of hyperlinks?


      Millions use old computers and older versions of software  because we simply have no other choice. Those of us who cannot afford an upgrade should not have our problems dismissed offhand because of that. If you can help with my problem, please do; it would be greatly appreciated.

      I created an eBook in InDesign CS. There are scores of hyperlinks. Up to a certain point they work perfectly. The project is 99% finished. The final links I am now including are those in the Table of Contents; each link connects to a separate page in the eBook. However, halfway through the TOC, every link past that point ALL link to the same page. This tells me there may be a limit to the number of hyperlinks InDesign CS can accommodate? No warning message appeared telling me this and I can find nothing in the search engines. ID also allows me to keep creating more hyperlinks, which I would think it would prevent me from doing if the program had a threshold. If anyone knows a work-around, I am desperate after investing over 100 hours in this project. Thank you.