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    Text Field inconsistencies in the same Flash Player version

    DJ Gecko Level 1

      I have a project that uses a lot of text fields. Strings are loaded into dynamic text fields. I have a class that truncates the text that is too long for the text field.


      The issue -


      The text field is suppose to display two lines of text before truncating. For my current dev build the text is hardcoded, it's not external.


      My Desktop displays TWO lines of text.

      My Laptop displays ONE line of text.


      On both machines I am viewing the SWF using the standalone Flash Player Debugger I'm opening the SWF by double clicking and confirming it is running in the Flash Player Debugger

      Both machines have the same Mac OS.

      It doesn't matter which machine compiles the SWF.

      If I compile on my desktop it works as desired on my desktop but not my laptop.

      If I compile on my laptop it works as desired on my desktop but not my laptop.

      The Flash Builder projects are identically, both machines have the latest AIR SDK.

      When I play the SWF inside of a browser it works as expected on both machines. The issue is isolated to the standalone Flash Player Debugger.


      Does anyone have a clue why this is?