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    Why does publishing remove all audio?

      The options provided are:
      - Load the recordings from another file
      - Continue without the recordings for these slides
      - Cancel the current operation and return to PowerPoint

      The second option "continue without recordings" does not--it only continues after deleting whatever files are there!!!

      If one cancels the current operation--the audio files are still removed!

      BIG BUG!

      I needed to include a few slides from an old presentation and wanted to publish a review copy without the new audio... instead it's back to square one. It should allow you to continue with the ppc file as it is, the warning is helpful, but I don't see why is should delete my audio with no path for recovering the file. It should at the very least back up my ppc file or put it in the trash.
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          We ran into this problem as well. Here is what we did to fix it - publish to C Drive, copy and paste from there to Server page.
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            Realtoast Level 1
            What a frustration. But, after having this happen a couple times, I found a remedy:

            When publishing, presenter creates a file, data, in the same folder where you published. Withing the folder, data, you'll find all of your audio files, named, for example, "a24x1x1", "a24x2x1", etc.

            Here's what you do: Using "Insert" from the PowerPoint menu bar (not Presenter menu, but PowerPoint menu; important), insert each sound into its respective appropriate slide, one by one; selecting "Automatic" when asked when the sound should play each time.

            When you are done inserting all of your sounds, now go to the Presenter options. From their click the import sounds icon (near the microphone button). When the dialogue box opens, choose "Import sounds from slides". Click Okay in the next dialogue box.

            That's it! You tricked Presenter into thinking you were importing embedded sounds from the PowerPoint when, really, it was importing the sounds it had made itself, earlier.

            It's tedious, I know. But not nearly tedious as re-recording hours of audio and voice.

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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
              For what it's worth, this sounds like the main issue the update to Presenter 7.0.1 fixed. Use the help menu and check for updated option to get it or you can get it from http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4005