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    Help with XML Driven Flash MP3 Player

      Hey Guys,

      I have a very frustrating issue!

      I am trying to integrate an MP3 player into a flash site im building. I have made it as far as to integrate a player i grabbed off the web, with some modifications. It is an MP3 Player with an XML playlist, which is exactly what i want. The only this this player does not have which I NEED! i cannot stress enough, --NEED-- is for the music to play streaming, with the current scripting it requires 100% preload of the mp3 before the play function is called through (ie. bytesloaded == bytestotal)

      I though it would be as simple as saying something along the lines of if loaded = 5% of total, play. but no matter what i did to try to make this work it produced no results whatsoever.

      What i need is to have a player with the key elements: play, pause, next, artist and track info and progress bar (seekable) with a button to expand and hide the playlist. I cannot believe to my utter disbelief that there is no single flash mp3 player that i have found (in 4 hours of searching) that has these simple requirements (streaming and collapsable XML driven playlist)

      Here is the code for the current player im modding, but any other suggestiongs for decent players (fully customizable skin is required) i would certainly be open to them.