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    Adobe FormsCentral RoadMap/Life Expectancy - Planning for Critical Business Use

    Jah Nix

      Adobe FormsCentral is quite a nice little interface to use, however my worries lie in it functionality for businesses that may try to rely on it to record critical day to day movements.


      I plan to commit some time to building such tools and love the ease of use with FormsCentral but I worry that what we have may be all we can expect because it is essentially built with a dying IP... Flash...


      I would love to see a feature roadmap in order for me to make a stronger commitment to Adobe vs Formstack - I would eventually have 35+ users in one building alone subscribing to adobe but Formstack seems to be the way to go (viewing results on both iOS and Android devices etc).


      Is there a roadmap to at least guarantee the life expectancy of Forms Central?


      Is there something more concrete we can look forward to as far as mobile technology goes?


      Our business operates on a mixture of both Apple and Microsoft machines and iOS/Android mobile devices - Me, I have more OS X/iOS device than i do windows/android.


      If I had of known about Formstack, I probably would've gone with that before he adobe product as the features are more promising - Any feedback would be great!