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    Import image sequence as sequence of frames?

    cheyrn Level 1

      I touched up frames in a video clip by exporting to a video file, importing it as layers in photoshop and editing it. Next, I want to put the edited frames back into a AE as footage.


      So, after much effort I managed to create a sequence of images, one for each layer. The photoshop help instructions resulted in multiple copies of one layer. I used the export layers as file script...


      I tried what I thought was every combination of options to import the image sequence, starting with the procedure described in AE help and they all ended up with a single frame. For example, open the first image in the sequence and select photoshop sequence... resulted in one frame.


      Opening the photoshop file however managed to create AE layers from the photoshop layers. That was almost what I wanted, except that videos typically have frames in sequence rather than frames being in parallel. I think.


      After much more effort I found out about sequencing layers. So, I shortened all of the layers to one frame (they were some large number of frames duplicating the first for some reason) and sequenced them, This finally resulted in a video.


      This can't be the way people do things. What is the standard way of exporting a video as an image sequence and importing an image sequence as a video.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not exactly what you are doing in Photoshop to your video but if you go to File>Export in Photoshop and then choose Render Video you'll find a dialogue box that looks like this:

          Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.06.00 PM.png

          Pick a folder for your image sequence, Pick a format, Pick a frame size. Use the document frame rate.


          When the image sequence is rendered then simply go to File>Import in AE, find the folder, click on any of the images and then make sure import as a sequence is checked.


          Once in AE you'll have to set the footage interpretation to the same frame rate of the original video. AE defaults to 30 FPS. If you are doing a lot of this kind of thing you can change the default frame rate for image sequences in the AE Preferences.

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            cheyrn Level 1

            I'll assume I am doing something wrong and look into it again the next time I do this.