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    Premiere being slow and unstable


      Hello everyone!


      However I've been using Premiere for quite a few years I've never experienced this issue before. Premiere pro is being unstable, inaccurate and slow. Playback is just not working unless I render the sequence. Clicking on the timeline is a pain. It doesn't point where I clicked it often doesn't even react thus being unusable, I can hear the computer working continuously. I am working on a studio session video with just a few effects on every clip (RGB Curves and Magic Bullet Looks) so it's not a big project at all.


      My specifications:


      Premiere Pro CC 2014

      CPU: Intel Core i7 2600

      GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 770 @2GB VRAM

      RAM: 8 gb @1600 mhz

      Premiere is also installed on a 120 GB SSD and I have 2 scratch hard drives for media.

      CUDA is turned on.


      What could possibly be the solution to this issue?


      Thank you in advance