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    Snippets in Robohelp

      I am currently evaluating Robohelp 6.0. I'd like to know the best way to include repeatable text in topics?
      I am quite familiar with Flare application; flare uses snippets for that. Is there an analog to Flare's snippets in Robohelp?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Natalie and welcome to the RH community. In RHX6 there is a user defined variable feature that allows you to enter a variable for text strings. This has the advantage of allowing you to change the variable and automatically update all instances of it. Other than that a tool such as Macro Express is a good bet.
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            EileenPalsson Level 1

            My team uses version X5, so we can't use the method that Colum described. Instead, we create a separate topic, then insert popup links to that topic.

            The popup topics can use a different CSS (for example, giving them a lightly colored background).
            Popup topics may or may not include a heading (H1 tag).
            You can save all the popup topics in a separate folder.
            You can create a Glossary topic using these popup topics. (We don't use RH's glossary functionality, due to its various deficiencies.)

            Hope this helps. It works great for us.