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    Connection Error: Digital editions could no connect to the activation server.


      Hi. I'm using Windows 7 and Adobe Digital Editions 4.0.2. Every time I try to authorize my computer with my Adobe-ID (which is working properly since I can log in to my Adobe account without any trouble) it says "connection error: digital editions could not connect to the activation server. Please check that you are connected to the internet." although my internet connection is working properly.

      I tried deinstalling and reinstalling ADE, I deactivated my firewall, I've tried to download ADE via Internet Explorer (I'm usually using Firefox) with all the settings recommended here: http://tohellmylovewithyou.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/ade/ , and deleting the authorization is not possible and thus does not work either.


      None of these things has helped and I haven't found any other recommendations in forums or elswhere.

      Could someone help me solve this problem?

      Thanks a lot!