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    Bleed between two pages?


      Hello Indesign users,


      I have a beginner question about Adobe Indesign. I have to make my first book. I have wached a lot of Youtube video's about how Indesign works. I know you have to set bleeding on the pages. Do I have to set bleeding between two pages? If I have to, can you tell me how? If I dont have to do it, say it pease, it helps me a lot


      Thank you and have a nice day,



      p.s. I use Adobe Indesign CC

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          The only times you would need to worry about inside bleed would be if you have some sort of object that extends all the way to the spine (division between pages), and then only for "Perfect Bound" or spiral-type bindings. Inside bleed uses the inside edge of the opposite page as the bleed area, so the only time it becomes necessary to make special provisions is if whatever touches the spine on page does NOT carry across to the opposite page. Blank inside margins will give blank bleed areas, and crossover images will automatically give the correct additional image in the bleed.


          There are quite a few discussions here about inside bleed if you do a forum search.

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            CTM! Level 1

            Thank you so much ☺