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    CEPServiceManager4 installer or zip folder (PC/win 7, 64)



      Is there any way to reinstal CEPServiceManager.exe? I found a virus, I recover all apps but not the Adobe Extension Manager. I tried several times to reinstal Adobe Extension Manager but without any success. I read some threads on adobe's forums and found that problem could be in my CEPServiceManager.exe. I found that my voulcancontrol.dll is broken. When I downloaded one from internet - then Adobe Extension Manager start but after that it freezing, so I can'nt install any extension etc.


      I know that I can reinstall all CC aps but I don't have time for that - is there any option to get fresh install (or zip folder) of CEPServiceManager4? maybe I can overwirte that. (I have all apps up to date and they work ok for me)