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    accessing alert-icon propertys and events?

      It seems to be impossible to controll the propertys of the "alert icon" mc, after the

      creation of the alertbox using the Alert.show() method.

      // creating the window with: ...
      var myAlert:Alert = Alert.show("message","title",Alert.OK|Alert.CANCEL,null,

      myEventHandler, "icon", Alert.CANCEL);

      // ... reading the propertys (works fine) ...
      trace(myAlert.content.icon_mc._x ); // output: _x
      trace ( myAlert.content.icon_mc._y); // output: _y

      // ... and manipulat them (seems to work also fine)
      myAlert.content.icon_mc._x = [new X];
      myAlert.content.icon_mc._y = [new Y];
      trace(myAlert.content.icon_mc._x ); // output: [new X]
      trace ( myAlert.content.icon_mc._y); // output: [new Y]

      But nothing happens to the "icon_mc"?
      Manipulating the compiled swf using Xray works fine. So i guess it cut be a timing/update

      issue. Trying to use event listener to observe the provided (inherited) events (like

      "complete") fails although the events should be supported by the alert class in fact of


      Is there a way to get informations about the creation process?
      So how can I get full access to the ICON propertys and the inherited events?