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    Premiere Pro CC Multi-Cam Sync Issue


      Hey guys,


      I recently recorded a theatrical performance with three separate cameras. Only one of them captured the full length of the performance - and was a static camera that never moved, just sat on it's tripod the entire time. The other two recorded the big musical moments, and zoomed in and out to capture close up detail of the performances, and did NOT record the full performance.


      How can I sync these much smaller clips up with the full length one, and then create a multi-cam sequence so I can cut back and forth between cameras and create a finished product that I can burn to a DVD? I have already tried syncing based on audio to no avail - this was recorded using on board camera microphones, and between the three cameras, a lot of clips were not able to find a common sync point, and I get an error message. Out of the thirty of so clips, only three or four will successfully sync.


      Is there another way to sync these all together and then make the multi-cam sequence?


      Here's a video the shows you my problems, and the workflow I've been using. This may help in answering the question. Please view it and let me know what you think, I may be missing something totally obvious and the fix may be a lot easier than I think it is.


      Premiere Pro Sync Issues - YouTube


      Thanks guys!



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          g7sharp9 Level 1

          Hey Kyle,


          To help the multi-cam help you, I would first make sure the audio on each clip is loud.  You can do this by right clicking on each clip and increase the volume of each so that they're at least in the -12 range.  you can also select a bunch of them and do them all at the same time if you want.  When trying to sync the clips with the audio, PP has an easier time figuring out where the clips go with better audio.


          The second thing I would do is to make sure that when you're creating the multi-cam, make sure you select that one camera that was on the whole time first, then select the others, then right-click and choose create multi-cam.  PP uses the audio of that cam to help it sync up the others and also uses that for your main audio of the sequence.


          Also, before I do the MC, I usually make all the audio that I'm using for syncing purposes mono.  I'm not sure if this helps or hurts PP but I haven't had any issues. You can do this by right-clicking on a clip, choosing Modify, and then Audio Channels.  Then you can choose the Mono preset and you should be good.


          Also, I do this a lot and thought I would show you my usual settings In the MC dialogue box.  I also use the audio sync, which I love.


          Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 7.55.27 PM.png


          One more tip: I would try and break up the play in parts as far as the syncing goes.  Meaning that if you have say the intro and 1st Act, I would select your main clip, and then only the clips that you have that have that intro and first act.  Call that sequence Act 1 (or whatever you want).  For the second Act, on your main clip, create an in-point where the 2nd act starts, also only select the clips that go with act 2 and create a second sequence with that.  There's much less room for error there and when all the Acts are done you can put them all together on a separate sequence one after another.


          Hope this helps.