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    How can I tell if my Premiere Pro project is corrupt?

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      Hello All


      Referring this question I posed to Adobe on Twitter here o the request of Kevin-Monahan


      The reason I ask the question above is because I am often working away in a project and everything is moving great and then suddenly I get a crash and Premiere Pro dumps me out.  I then go back in and it gives me the message saying that it needs to open a copy of the project I was working on and to give it a new name.  Normally I just add a sequential number and open it up.  Generally this works well as I don't seem to lose much in terms of work but I do seem to suffer as the project becomes slower and unresponsive at times. Often I will click along the timeline only to have to wait for about 5 seconds whilst the appliation/Mac catch up.  Surely this can't be right?


      Also, the crashes often happen regularly and tends to be when I add the Multiband Compressor or am selecting ends of clip by holding down cmd whilst selecting clips.  This last project the application crashed about 4 times.


      Are the issues I am seeing a result a corrupt project and how would I spot a corrupt project?  Is it generally the case that the bigger the project gets then the slower it will work? I don't think my edits are particularly long winded or complex so I can't understand why I am seeing this instability and poor performance.  I am however running a 2013 MacPro with Dual D700 GPUs so perhaps it is the long standing issue that this machine has been having with Premiere Pro since OS 10.9.3.


      If anyone can help then I' be grateful.  I did do a short screen video showing and talking through my problems. I can post if anyone thinks that will help.


      Best wishes