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    is my laptop good enough for adobe premiere cs6?


      I wish to learn video editing, especially adobe premiere. I have copy of cs6 and noticed that my graphic card does not appear in the Adobe list so wanted to know what you think about my laptop before considering if I have to buy another one. My dell laptop is a core i7, 8gb ram. 2.5ghz with Intel hd 4000 graphic card.


      Does this suffice for pro stuff? Is this good enough to learn to professional level or should I deep in to my savings and spend cash to buy a new lap top.



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Only certain Intel cards are approved for CS6

          But you can perform a hack to get MPE hardware by

          deleting the Cuda_Supported_Card.txt file from the root.

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            Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Also there are dozens of mobile i7's so we can not tell what you really have.


            Also as you may have seen on cc_merchants suggested reading, what media you intent to work with is significant in an answer for you.  I have an i7 laptop that works perfectly with AVCHD media but it is very much enhanced with upgrades and is less than 1-year old.

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              Giogio18 Level 1

              Ok my laptop is a core i7 3537U, 64 bit. I did try to delete the file from the root folder but that didn't work. Guess I'm better of purchasing a desktop than using a mobile.


              I just thought I could learn the software with what I have presently before going straight out to buy a new system. I hope t edit for music and movie eventually.

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                Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The i7-3537Uonly has two cores and does not look like it has the important SSE instruction set extensions

                ARK | Intel® Core™ i7-3537U Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.10 GHz)

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                  RjL190365 Level 4

                  Actually, Bill, the i7-3537U is like all other Ivy Bridge CPUs in that it does support the important SSE 4.2 instruction set. Unfortunately, as you stated, the i7-3537U is only a dual-core CPU (albeit with hyperthreading), and the "U" signifies a low-power, (relatively) low-performance chip that is actually rather borderline just to even run Premiere Pro CS6 at all even at its maximum two-core turbo boost limit. Add to that an Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics that is not supported at all for MPE GPU acceleration in any Windows version of Premiere Pro CS6 (and thus Premiere is permanently locked into the MPE software-only mode since all Windows versions of Premiere Pro CS6 do not support OpenCL acceleration at all), and the original thread starter would end up with a laptop that performs substantially slower than an i3-powered desktop (of the same CPU generation) with a discrete GeForce GT 730 (the 384-CUDA-core GK208 version with 64-bit GDDR5 memory).


                  And yes, there are laptops that can perform reasonably well in Premiere - but most of them are significantly more expensive than what the original thread starter currently has (when the laptops are purchased new).

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                    Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                    I wonder why Intel ARC information in my link does not mention SSE instruction extensions?

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                      JFPhoton Level 3

                      Premier Pro is a professional level program with serious ability to handle pro levels of work, including handling many advanced video codecs.   As Bill has mentioned, simpler codecs like AVCHD at 1080P CAN be handled on a newer I7 laptop with a few upgrades...OTHER , more demanding codecs at higher resolutions may require more "horsepower" and hardware, usually found in a desktop computer. So, much depends on the TYPE of material you are planning to edit and the COMPLEXITY of your timelines and workflow...how many layers, how many effects , etc. There is much to learn, before buying any hardware, right here on this forum and over at the PPBM7 website. Other sites can confuse newbies with bad and erroneous information.  Contributors here like Eric Bowen and Bill Gehrke have provided very valuable and correct information regarding appropriate hardware for PPro. You can learn a LOT by reading the results they have posted in testing various hardware configurations with PPro.

                          Bill and I both have had success using a newer gaming laptop from Asus for editing 1080p material....the G750JW. That model is a little older now,but, well worth it at the time I bought it last summer refurbished for $850, ( normally $1,300). I had to add system memory...the original 8GB was FAR too little....up to 24GB, which works well. The laptop has 2 internal hard drive bays....which is important. I placed a Crucial M500 SATA III SSD in each bay to provide good performance. The original single drive that was supplied was USELESS....it was a slow 5400rpm HDD not capable of use for video editing...you MUST have at least two separate drives at a minimum to run PPro....OS,programs and Windows page file on one drive only....all the rest, ( video files ,media, previews , and cache files), on the second drive. Even 7200rpm HDDs have trouble keeping up with the demand of multi-track editing....SSDs provide WAY better performance and are worth the price difference., if you can afford it.

                           If you MUST use a laptop and cannot consider a desktop, consider the following :

                      1. The current version of Adobe CC 2014 PPro is FAR better in performance while editing...MANY important updates have been made....CS 6 is getting a little old, and out of date...better to use the current version for MANY reasons.

                      2. The laptop will ALWAYS need to be plugged in while editing...PPro will be throttled if you try and use it on battery, no matter HOW you set the power options.

                      3. A good starting point for a laptop would be to get at LEAST what Bill and I have,or, BETTER.   That means a Windows machine, running Windows 8.1, having an Intel 4700HQ i7 CPU, or, better.  System memory, ( including your own upgrade , if necessary) of at least 24 GB....preferably 32GB. An NVidia discreet graphics card, ( NO AMD ), the 765M, or, better. Drive system....this is IMPORTANT....this is the one area where many users have a "bottleneck". Your "C" drive should be a fast SATA III SSD with the correct controller and type of flash memory for handling video.  Only the Crucial M550,or, the Samsung Pro series are recommended....the Crucial is cheaper and only slightly behind in performance. Either one BLOWS AWAY a conventional HDD.....transferring data read and write at almost 600MB/sec. vs. 130MB/sec. using the best HDD. Your second internal drive should be ANOTHER of the recommended SSDs. You COULD use a larger capacity 7200rpm HDD,but, its slow performance can slow things way down. This means having a high speed external port is also valuable...Thunderbolt is better than USB 3, in that regard. External drives can be used to backup your "D" drive and other tasks. Finally, a 1080p screen is a MUST to see the whole user interface of PPro....17.3" is better than the smaller displays, which are hard to see. You can ALWAYS hook up an external display, like I do, to GREATLY improve the editing experience .


                      I hope all this helps !!!...good luck !!!

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                        Giogio18 Level 1

                        Thanks all, I have been enlightened. I have learnt quite a lot and feel better equipped to know what hardware to buy. You saved me a couple of dollars too as I perhaps could have made more mistakes when deciding what to buy.