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    Browsing for a folder path

      I have a script that is generating files and i'd like the user to be able to browse their OS for a save location. Are there any methods available for this type of thing? All that i have come across is FileReference and FileReferenceList but it requires the user to choose a file.

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          this will open a dialog box

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            Dr._Goomba Level 1
            The idea here is to allow the user to select a save path prior to any files being generated. Coldfusion is building the files and will save them to the "save_path" they specified earlier. I would like to be able to do this by allowing the user to browse their OS and select a save path, click OK, then have that path display in a text input for the user's reference.

            I don't see how any of the functions available to FileReference can accomplish this when they are all dealing with upload,downloading and browsing for files. None of which i am trying to do =(
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              buabco Level 1
              SORRY TO TELL YOU THIS, but the information you are seeking is not available. Due to security reasons, you can't access that information. The hole idea of the file reference object is that what ever flash movie you load into your PC wont have direct access to your own files, witch means you can handle a specific file for upload or download purposes without accessing the PCs file system.

              This policy is enforced in such a way I wasn't even able to store a file reference in a shared object for later use (which means you can't even target a local file by setting up its file reference as a shared object).