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    Premiere crashed, my project won't open because of an "unknown error," and my autosave apparently stopped working 6 hours ago... Any solution?


      I'm working in Premiere Pro CC 2014 on an early 2014 iMac.  I started to notice my session was getting kind of buggy - audio clips started missing from my timeline, effect controls on some of my video clips had set themselves to the defaults.   So I was trying to fix some of these things as I was editing.  I save compulsively (like after every couple of edits),  so I had not noticed that my session was no longer auto-saving. 


      Suddenly Premiere crashed. The recovery file will not open "due to an unknown error."  The original file that crashed will not open either (same message), and I notice the file size is about half of what it should be.  When I tried to open an auto-saved version, I discovered that the last auto-save was last night at about 10 p.m.  (I quit working last night at about 1 a.m., so it just spontaneously stopped autosaving midway through my edit session.) 


      I followed all the suggestions I could find in forums.  I trashed preferences, and I moved all my media into other folders.  But the session won't open even far enough that it starts asking for media.  When I create a new project and try to import my old edit sequence, dynamic link won't even get to the point where it asks me to select what sequences I want to import.  It just sits there forever trying to open the file and can't.


      Any  suggestions?