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    Server 4.5 on windows 2008 32bit


      Need help installing cf server 4.5 on windows 2008.  The client needs acces to an old app.  They have a license for 4.5 and they don't want to up grade.  I told them I would try but in the end may need to upgrade.  I've tried to register the iscf.dll however iis 7 says its not a dll

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          vishu#13 Level 3

          Since CF 9.0.1 IIS7/7.5 is supported, so you will face compatibility issues






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            Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Yeah, can you really expect a program designed to run on Windows NT 4.0/IIS 2/3/4 to run on an operating system released more than 8 years later?  IIS 7 (the version in Windows 2008) was completely rewritten, so it will not support older web application servers.


            If they can't afford to upgrade to CF10/11 (and I suspect it would not be an "upgrade" license, it would be a full purchase as CF4.5 is not in the supported license upgrade path), have you considered Railo as an alternative?  I wouldn't expect it to have any more problems than CF10/11 running "legacy" code from CF4.5.



            -Carl V.

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              loopy loop

              I was able to set CF 4.5 on Win2008 a while ago. It worked. But I didn't test it deeply. But cfm pages were being processed. Installation of 4.5. setup will fail with the handler installation. You'll have to enter the handlers manually in the handler-module and assing the dll to the cfm pages there. I think isapi-extension have to be added in the IIS-Feature.