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    Export layers as video?

    cheyrn Level 1

      I have layers which I created by importing video as layers. I have edited the layers. Now I want to export them.


      If I do what it says in help, using render as video selecting all frames it creates a video consisting of a single frame that has been duplicated hundreds of times.


      Last time I managed to create images by running the script to create files from layers. This time it runs multiple times through all of the layers doing something and creates roughly 1 image per 2 minutes. Unless it's gone bonkers I think I'll have an image sequence in a few hours.


      Anyway, what can I be doing wrong? The instructions in help seem pretty clear and it appears to not work. I had the same experience the last time I tried this.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I don't know why you imported your video as layers.  Photoshop seem to limit you to 500 frames using import and you loos sound and most likely can not import all the frames the video has. With the newer versions of Photoshop CS6 or newer you would be better off editing the video.


          However with your layers.  You can create a Frame Animation use the  Frame animation palette fly-out menu intem "Make Frames from Layers".   Then render out an video

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            cheyrn Level 1

            I am having trouble interpreting the first sentence. You want to know why?


            Importing as video seemed to make sense but I didn't figure out how you then edit the frames which is why I have imported the clip. The clip is about 150 frames long. I am probably going to be repeating this process many times and generally the clips will be less than 355 frames.


            I suspect part of my problem has to do with FPS. I just want to edit the frames and I don't want photoshop to duplicate or drop any of them, I don't what corresponds with a second when I am editing frames in photoshop.


            My frames seem to have formed a frame animation. How do you then "make frames from layers"? The help says you can save the frame animation in various ways but doesn't say how. If I follow the link to exporting video I get to the instructions about rendering video, which for me results in 1 frame repeated hundreds of times.

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              Benjamin Root MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Try converting to smart object. Also, do not merge layers.......... That will make it turn into one long frame. Render video is how you save.

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                cheyrn Level 1

                It looks like that does what I set out to do. Import the video, convert it to a smart object and use "edit content", then render the video.


                It's not exactly an answer to the question, but it achieves the same thing.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  I'm having a problem to. Many time 150 is more then 355 twice is already 300 three time would be 450. I don't do video but you seem to want to. Read some of Adobe help on creating timeline animation and the use of onion skins.  I have not. Photoshop Help | Creating timeline animations

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                    cheyrn Level 1

                    The onion skin feature looks very interesting. Thanks.


                    I am importing clips in separate editing sessions so each session is unlikely to include more than 355 frames of video. The video is coming from after effects.


                    I am using photoshop CC which apparently has renamed the animation panel the timeline panel. But, I do not say a create frames from layers option and I'm not sure if I will need to do that. But it is worth knowing how.