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    Relocating media in Elements Organiser breaks links in Premiere Elements

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      I'm currently trying out Premiere Elements 13 and mainly focusing on the file management capabilities and how well it fits into my workflow.  I currently hold and manage all my photos and videos in Lightroom 4.  A key concern of mine is not to unnecessarily duplicate media on my hard drive, especially videos, as this will just eat up loads of storage space.


      I noticed that Elements Organiser simply references, and does COPY / duplicate the files when you import them - in fact I dragged and dropped them from Lightroom and it happily registers them in the Elements Organiser database.  This is great!  I also notice that if the folder is moved on my hard drive, like Lightroom, I can simply repoint Elements Organiser to the new location and then it re-familiarises itself with the file's new location.


      However, in Premiere Elements, if I already have a project that uses a file from within Elements Organiser that has now moved to a new location, my Premiere Elements project doesn't seem to understand the new location despite the fact that I have update Elements Organiser to point to the new location.  Premiere Elements gives me the option to repoint the clip to the new location.


      Am I doing something wrong here or is it really designed such that any relocations of media have to be repointed manually in Elements Organiser AND Premiere Elements separately?  This seems crazy!  Is there a more efficient way to do this?

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          When you import source media into the Premiere Elements Editor, all you get are copies of the originals in the project. And, those copies need to trace back to the location of those originals on the hard drive where they were at the time of import into the project. If not, when you go to open the saved/closed project, you will be hit with the colorful missing media displays and messages "Where is the file....?". You  can use those messages to reconnect the file named in the message to the Premiere Elements Editor project. It is often not an easy task. So, do not move, delete, or rename files/folders that went into the project after the project is saved closed unless you want to go through the connecting missing media drill. That is a Premiere Elements (any version) situation.


          Also, to be consider, when you import source media into a project, a copy of it automatically gets imported into the Elements Organizer associated with the Premiere Elements Editor.


          Reconnecting the Elements Organizer copy of the file to the original is not going to reconnect automatically copy of the file to the original on the Premiere Elements side of things. Elements Organizer has its missing media messages. Premiere Elements has its missing media messages.



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            Hey thanks for such a quick reply.  Alas, my fears are true then, Premiere Elements does not do a lot to help (other than the basic "where is the file?" prompt) in terms of supporting the relocation of media.  The reason this is important is that when I'm done with a project I want to archive it away to an external device.  I've seen that there is an archive function in Premiere, but this looks like it will just take copies of all referenced files to the new location and thus, duplicating media files.


            I recognise that this is probably done so as to minimise the complexity of the potentially many to many to many relationship between projects and media files and storage locations, but it seems to do so at the the expense of storage space - photos / music I can live with doing this, but as video files are intrinsically large in their nature, this is just too restrictive.


            I've also looked at iMovie and seen that they do it even worse - the first time you import the movie, it takes a iMovie specific copy and doesn't simply reference the file as Premiere does.  So even before archiving, you are already duplicating your media.


            Is it really that hard to implement some more intelligent media managing capability, or am I missing something obvious / doing something wrong in my workflow?