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    Output Compression Increasing, not Reducing File Size

    glaustin Level 2

      Hi guys

      I have Pr CC2014 on a Win7 PC, with a Nvidia Quadro FX3800 and I'm having nothing but problems lately. Apart from CUDA doesn't open properly, my exports are getting worse and worse. The quality is much degraded from the preview in edit. Now compression seems to be working in reverse. Today a simple 9 minute interview (a mixture of hdv and hdtv clips, with just a couple of dip to black transitions and a short aep import, output to h.264, with a YouTube 720/ 25fpsHD preset), ended with a file size of 1.7gb, which is two or three times as big as all the material in the sequence! Up until CC2014, it was around 200/ 300mb! I even tried exporting to MPEG 2. Although a lower file size, it is still double what I have been getting previously and the YouTube quality isn't good enough.


      My sequence settings are:

      HDV 25 FPS,

      Frame size, 1440x1080,

      Pixel aspect, HD Anamorphic 1080 (1.333),

      Fields, upper first,

      Codec MPEG I-Frame

      Composite in liner color

      My output preset is h.264 but keeps defaulting to match source high bit r ate,

      profile, high,

      Level 4.1

      VBR, 1 pass

      Multiplexer settings are MP4, standard


      I probably can't see the wood from the trees, but any help would be much appreciated.