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    8.2 Experience? Has it Worked for you? Fixed the lot?

    thebass Level 1

      Just wondering how it is with the 8.2 update?

      Has it fixed the main issues, sluggishness, Memory Leaking? Masses Hard Drive Paging?

      Slow Multi Camera mode, yeah I think that my be fixed.


      At moment I am holding back from updating for 8.1 Caravan.

      I have read the posts recently on people having probs with it bombing out on start up with the custom effects and transitions.


      At moment I am still slowly moving along, albiet slowlty, as previously posted sluggishness comes and goes, but is most worst when nesting MultiCam Sequences into other Sequences, as I say in a previous posting it slows down the more complicated the MC Edit goes.


      Anyway, I am very tempted to update, but besides not seeing any update in the CC APP for PP CC, other than adding RAW Support for CS6, then I am thinking to hang on and see what comes, current project is using lots of custom saved effects and transitions, mostly sharpen filters and 3 Way Col Correctors.


      Has 8.2 been pulled by any chance?

      Not seeing alot of posts on it so I am guessing that for most it is a good build or either that been pulled?


      How serious is the crash at start up and does it mean you loose all you custom presets effects?