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    WHY does Creative Cloud 2014 on OS X require an outdated, insecure version of Java?

    quintus tullius

      I am furious at all the time I have wasted today because of Adobe's poor UX and poor or non-existent documentation.


      I spent hours trying to figure this out - there were no UI messages and no documentation online that clearly answered the issue. I was installing CC (and InDesign and Photoshop) on 10.7.5 and it would consistenly fail to install or launch, with no UI messaging as to why. That despite the presence of a current version of Java 7. Only a chance finding on a forum led me to the suggestion to download the severely deprecated Java 6, which more or less fixed the issue.


      WHY does Adobe not say under system requirements that Mac users will have to install the very outdated, deprecated, and vulnerability-ridden Java 6 in order to use CC apps?  SURELY this should be clearly written up in the "system requirements" page? SURELY this would save a lot of people a lot of time?


      WHY is this even required to begin with - why don't you make it fail gracefully if Java is not present and give a user prompt to install it as required by specific functionality? And why don't you bump up the version of Java to a current, secure version?


      WHY don't you document these requirements clearly and deliver this information clearly to users through the UI?


      This entire experience has been infuriating, and Adobe's poorly crafted software has caused my system to crash more times in a day than it has in the previous year. Here's hoping no permanent disk corruption has taken place.


      Thankfully I don't need to use this for more than a couple of weeks because after this HORRIBLE user experience there is no way I would ever give Adobe one red cent.